Life Sciences

Enhance product lifecycle management through a collaborative platform that enables rapid drug development and more effective provider education.

Discovery & Development

Innovation is the lifeblood of your business. More effectively manage your clinical development process, from the earliest discovery and validation through the latest stages of development, testing, approval, and monitoring. OzmosisESP helps you to drive internal and external collaboration among researchers and physicians - from in-house staff and affiliated academics to corporate partners.

Create a secure knowledge network by deploying OzmosisESP for a research team on a single project, across a disease state, or throughout your entire research & discovery organization.

Life Sciences

Physician Engagement

OzmosisESP provides a web based life science collaboration and content management platform that enables organizations to effectively engage and educate Key Opinion Leaders, speakers and targeted physician populations around the launch of new products and chemical compounds.

Ozmosis can help you engage physicians more effectively to deliver the product information and services physicians need at the point of care. Unlock the power of a trusted community powered by OzmosisESP to build relationships that matter most for your brands. OzmosisESP enables your brands to understand and build relationships with key influencers by providing the valued clinical information and support they require.

Life Sciences

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