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Accelerate clinical transformation by creating a collaborative care model to coordinate treatment, manage clinical content, deliver virtual training and communicate more effectively

Care Coordination

OzmosisESP, makes it simple for staff and clinicians to coordinate care and communicate more effectively by sharing files securely, indexing documents for fast retrieval and enabling staff and clinicians to collaborate seamlessly around content and clinical workflows.

Authorized staff can share files in a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment and assign tasks using point and click tools, instantly notifying clinicians to review labs, images or scans. Clinicians can then view, share and discuss the assigned files securely online and search for other related files and content as necessary. Search results can be filtered by a variety of criteria, including: keywords, order types, specialties, labs, submitted date, contributor names and more.

When viewing content, clinicians can see key profile information about the user who contributed the file or content, including their title, specialty, skills and expertise. Users can then start and respond to discussions and coordinate care through the communication tools native to OzmosisESP or integrated with the clinical information system.

Share Files Securely

OzmosisESP provides secure, HIPAA-compliant file sharing, to support collaboration around clinical content imported or uploaded from other sources. Staff and clinicians can share files such as medical records, images, labs, videos and scans with user-friendly drag and drop tools to upload content directly from their desktop or mobile device.

Any uploaded image or scan using the DICOM standard can be viewed right from OzmosisESP, whether in a web browser or directly on a mobile device. This means an end to emailing files back and forth. Instead, provide easier access to the files your clinicians need anytime, anywhere and from nearly any approved mobile device.

Files can be automatically indexed against a medical taxonomy (more than one taxonomy can be mapped to specific content types), and then linked to related content. Thus, every document (including powerpoints, spreadsheets and PDFs) is easily searchable and file permissions can be set to limit access to appropriate staff and clinicians.

OzmosisESP will alert users instantly when someone comments on a file, uploads a new version, or assigns a task to that user. Users can also collaborate in real-time through an intuitive, threaded commenting system attached to each file.

Since OzmosisESP was designed to work within the data privacy and security guidelines of the nation’s hospital systems, individual logins allow private access from shared computers. Instead of automatically syncing all files in a folder with a user’s desktop (a red flag for IT security), OzmosisESP reduces security concerns by requiring each user to manually select the file(s) they wish to share by dragging and dropping files onto the system.

Manage Clinical Content

OzmosisESP enables any hospital or large health system to configure and deploy a secure, clinical content management platform where staff and clinicians can develop, validate and maintain clinical content in one place. Once content is imported from a production system, it is semantically analyzed and linked to related evidence and curated information for review. As new clinical cases, journal articles, clinical studies and discussions are posted they are displayed to users as they view and update related clinical content.

Authorized staff can assign tasks using point and click tools, instantly notifying assigned users to review the latest case for consult, content for validation or web meeting hosted securely on OzmosisESP. Tasks can be tracked and managed across content types, enabling staff to create new workflows on the fly and select from pre-built options and user groups.

Clinicians can also use faceted search technology from OzmosisESP to find any content with the click of a button. For example, clinicians can refine their search results instantly to select order sets or care plans by a variety of criteria, including: keywords, order types, specialties, labs, submitted date, contributor names and more. When viewing content, clinicians can instantly see key profile information about the user who shared it, including their title, specialty, skills and expertise.

Improve Enterprise Communication

At a time when most health systems are struggling to communicate effectively with staff, clinicians and affiliated physicians, social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have ushered in a new era of communications. OzmosisESP helps connect the right information and teams by delivering an integrated, unified communications and social software platform designed exclusively for the healthcare industry.

By enabling staff and clinicians to more easily access key information and identify and connect with experts throughout the organization, hospitals and health systems can speed up business processes and improve decision making, ultimately leading to improved care. OzmosisESP can be deployed as a free-standing clinician portal or OzmosisESP can be leveraged to enhance existing tools and infrastructure. For example, OzmosisESP can be integrated as a webpart in Sharepoint, making Sharepoint more social and valuable to end users.

Enhance Education & Training

Create a virtual learning community or knowledge network for your staff, residents, fellows and clinicians to access education and training content anytime, anywhere. More importantly, turn static training materials into dynamic educational opportunities by delivering group learning experiences powered by OzmosisESP.

Within your training community, you can bring residents and fellows together with clinical leaders to capture those teaching moments that are harder to come by in daily practice. Use OzmosisESP to provide:

  • An online curriculum driven around rich multi-media content, from surgical training videos to new clinical studies

  • Full featured networking tools for peer-to-peer interaction; including provider directory, faceted search, and micro-blogging tools for sharing updates and related content

  • Featured CME, case presentations and Grand Rounds, recent news, and other educational materials

Integrate your learning community with your medical library and make existing educational content available for shared discussion and instant retrieval. Drive engagement by delivering great educational content with social and informal learning opportunities.

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