Strategic & Advisory

Want to become a social business? Then let the Ozmosis team provide the expertise and advisory support you need to get started.


Ozmosis knows how healthcare organizations and clinicians operate, no pun intended. We see physicians interact every day across all our social business implementations and our own active presence on public and private social networks. That’s why leading healthcare organizations rely on Ozmosis for risk assessments, strategic reviews, and detailed program planning before they launch major initiatives designed to drive collaboration across the enterprise and transform into a social business.

Program Strategy Sessions

Are you giving your staff and clinicians the tools and forums they need to collaborate effectively? Do you have a clear vision for driving social collaboration throughout your enterprise?

Ozmosis works with clients in the Health System, Life Science, Governmental, and Payor sectors to design strategic plans that result in increased innovation, adoption of evidence-based medicine and superior outcomes through organization-wide dissemination of social collaboration tools and best practices.

Let our team at Ozmosis help you evaluate program options and set the right strategy to achieve your desired goals.

Risk Readiness Assessments

Assess your organization’s readiness to overcome regulatory, reputational, and infrastructure risks. Gain a clear understanding of how your current initiatives are perceived by internal and external stakeholders, highlight redundant tools & programs and identify capability gaps that must be addressed to guarantee success of your initiatives.

Social Media Workshops

Since our founding, Ozmosis has used social platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - to engage directly with physicians and thought leaders throughout the healthcare industry. Levering this experience, our top executives have headlined conferences and led workshops in the U.S. and abroad on the intersection of health care and social collaboration. Let us help you educate and empower your organization to weave the right social strategy and tools throughout your enterprise.

Our Social Business Workshops consist of a series of “White Space” sessions that balance moderated discussions with small, cross-functional group exercises to explore the future of social media and collaboration for the healthcare industry. From improving provider outreach and engagement to enhancing employee communication and productivity, these workshops helps you examine the risks and opportunities surrounding a wide variety of innovative social business programs.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Compare your organization’s enterprise collaboration and social business capabilities and any existing efforts to those of your peers with the Ozmosis Enterprise Collaboration Benchmark. Adopt proven deployment and engagement tactics based on lessons learned from successful social collaboration programs from across the healthcare industry.

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