Technology & Implementation

Let our experienced team optimize your instance of OzmosisESP to unlock your organization's knowledge sharing potential.

Social Business Mapping

For clients seeking to get the most out of the robust, fully-featured social business capabilities of OzmosisESP, we initiate deployment by developing a roadmap for harnessing medical knowledge throughout a client’s organization. We work with key stakeholders to identify, define, prioritize and plan the deployment of the right content types, users, business processes and social tools within OzmosisESP. This process concludes with a detailed “Social Business Map” that presents an organization with a complete and holistic view of how disparate content sources, user groups and business processes are united so end users can collaborate and communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Content Module Creation

To transform into a social business an organization must weave its social strategy and tools around its underlying content. OzmosisESP offer a growing list of clinically-oriented and socially-aware content modules that can be leveraged by your organization’s deployment of our platform. These content modules can include structured data fields, file attachments, HTML editors, taxonomy lists and a variety of contextually aware options that make it simple to import, capture and aggregate all your structured, unstructured and tacit knowledge in one place.

Existing content modules include: Journals (select any set of publishers from PubMed), Care Plans & Order Sets (integrated with the EMR), Clinical Evidence (pulled from clinical publishers), Medical News (ingested from the web), Clinical Cases (pulled from the EMR), Training Modules & CME (imported from LMS), Reference Documents, Image Libraries, and more.

Our technology team, possessing a deep understanding of clinical content and can work with your organization to develop custom modules to meet your specific clinical content and collaboration needs.

Content Importing & Analysis

Whether your medical content is stored in Clinical Information Systems, Electronic Health Record Systems, Content Management Systems such as SharePoint, Listservs or other systems, Ozmosis has the ability to import and semantically analyze your organization’s files and records. We match your content to our comprehensive medical taxonomy to unlock the potential of our faceted search tools. Your content is fully indexed for easy discovery, turning static content into the foundation for sharing, collaboration, and knowledge building.

Account Importing

Account information for all your users can be automatically pulled into OzmosisESP via direct link with your Active Directory, LDAP or system, thus enabling your existing directory to provision user accounts and remove former employees or affiliated staff automatically. User information can be imported into profiles directly from either system and OzmosisESP can also be linked to your provider credentialing system or skills database to update professional qualifications dynamically.

Interface Design

The interface of the Ozmosis platform can be customized to reflect your organization’s branded logos and colors. Your staff and clinicians will always know they are collaborating on your white labeled instance of OzmosisESP.

Workflow Design

To maximize the use of OzmosisESP throughout your organization, we can enhance workflows within the platform to match your specific clinical workflows. Every organization has unique needs, and OzmosisESP can be tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise software and business processes. Workflows that once took multiple steps across disparate platforms can be streamlined by bringing your chosen content and users together.

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