Social Profiles

OzmosisESP returns the focus of the social enterprise to its most important resource: people, with a social profile and networking tools for the healthcare professional.

The Public Face

Detailed profiles help users highlight relevant skills and experience and include fields such as degrees, professional experience, education history, board certification, professional skills and interests, and other healthcare-specific profile content. The profile also includes relevant social information, such as the user’s first-degree network, who they follow, who follows them, and their recent posts and comments. All this combines to paint a clearer picture of the individuals who comprise your organization.

Discover Connections

Enable your staff and clinicians to find colleagues, build a professional network and share expertise. Each user has a special place in the social graph, use the professional networking and social network analysis tools within OzmosisESP to identify implicit groups and critical shortcuts to information and experts trapped within silos.

OzmosisESP makes it easy to discover colleagues and expertise, since each profile field is indexed and available as a faceted search option in the customizable provider directory.

Provider Directory

Building an employee or affiliated provider network directory has never been easier. OzmosisESP makes it simple to identify colleagues and manage network connections across geographies and skill areas. Profile data can be uploaded dynamically from existing enterprise applications (LDAP, Salesforce, etc), creating a rich set of profile data for users to search through and discover meaningful connections.

Using social search tools on OzmosisESP, users can find colleagues instantly to connect with, send private messages and follow.

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