Secure File Sharing

OzmosisESP provides secure, HIPAA compliant file sharing, to support collaboration around clinical content imported from other sources.

Upload Files

Share files easily with user-friendly drag and drop tools to upload content from your desktop. Whether uploading a single document or thousands of records, OzmosisESP’s import utilities make it easy to prepare content for automatic indexing, viewing and retrieval.

Access Files from Anywhere

All imported content supported by the DICOM standard can be viewed right from OzmosisESP, whether in a web browser or directly on a mobile device. This means an end to emailing files back and forth, and easy, anytime access, from anywhere and on nearly any device.

Find Content Instantly

All imported content is automatically indexed against a medical taxonomy, and then linked to related content. Thus, every document (including powerpoints, spreadsheets and PDFs) is easily searchable via our powerful faceted search tool. This means that no matter how many files are imported, your staff will always be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Collaborate With Staff & Clinicians in Real-Time

As a social platform, OzmosisESP improves collaboration by letting you share files with your organization and team. Give appropriate access to teammates, employees, contractors, and vendors, controlling who has access to which files. OzmosisESP instantly alerts users when someone comments on a file, uploads a new version, or shares a new file. Users can also collaborate in real-time through an intuitive, threaded commenting system.

Control Versioning

Upload and track multiple file versions and enjoy peace of mind knowing that each copy is safe and secure on OzmosisESP. Files are displayed with key meta data making it simple to track when each file was uploaded by individual users. Each version is saved separately enabling approved users to compare and control multiple versions simultaneously.

Ensure Privacy & File Security

OzmosisESP is fully HIPAA-compliant and was designed with the clinician in mind. Individual logins allow private access from shared computers. Instead of automatically syncing everything from the desktop, reduce privacy concerns by only sharing the specific files you want by dragging and dropping your files onto the system. Keep files safe and secure while adhering to corporate security requirements by encrypting data on our servers in the cloud, or installing an OzmosisESP appliance on-premise, behind your firewall.

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