Faceted Search

OzmosisESP brings the power of faceted search technology and enterprise social networking together, enabling your users to instantly find the key information and experts they need.


“Faceted Search” offers filters that are dynamically generated based on your actual query results. These filters can be matched to the content types you create within OzmosisESP and let you quickly and easily refine your query based on any of the search facets you enable (such as medical speciality, sources, time and dates, hashtags, keywords, usernames, etc). New facets can be created and added to the system as required.

Each filter is updated in real-time with every new search query by parsing all matching results based on the indexed values we track. We then present those results back to you in an intuitive interface that lets you select one or multiple filters per facet. This approach makes it easy to find key information and discover untapped knowledge hidden throughout the enterprise.

Search Benefits

Faceted Search

By integrating Faceted Search across OzmosisESP, we offer the following benefits to your overall experience:

  • Intuitive Interface: Now you can refine and expand search results instantly, making it easier than ever before to find what you’re looking for. Select from a variety of search facets that are clear and intuitive to use.

  • Assisted Navigation: Based on the type of search you run (archived content, discussions or network) a list of filters are dynamically generated for every search. This creates an ideal path to find the content or colleagues you are searching for.

  • Increased Efficiency: Locate old discussions, images, files, videos, events, discussions and colleagues faster than ever before. Results are refined instantly, saving users time weeding through long lists of results.

Connecting Content to Experts

Whether you are searching by keywords or key names, Faceted Search brings your content and experts together. All content in the system displays the names of the users who submitted the original documents or contributed to a discussion. This way you can easily search for content by the author or contributor and refine your search results by their name, specialty or relationship to you.

Faceted Search

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