Collaboration Tools

OzmosisESP provides a secure and private way for your staff and clinicians to collaborate in real-time around any clinical content and workflow, accelerating your organization’s clinical transformation.

Posting & Sharing Content

Whether uploading a new clinical study, linking to a journal article or embedding a training video, users can drag and drop files directly from their desktop as they post a discussion. Once uploaded, files and discussions can be shared with users and assigned to groups for review.

Group Collaboration

Care collaboration involves many people, from both inside and outside your organization. OzmosisESP enables users to share clinical content and host discussions privately and securely with members of selected groups, while still retaining visibility into all the content being shared on the platform.

OzmosisESP avoids the problem of the group silo effect by including group content in each user’s feed, search results, and alerts. This lets every user stay abreast of everything that is publicly shared, while being able to instantly find and review content that has been shared only with their select groups.

Events & Meetings

OzmosisESP offers an integrated suite of online meeting tools that provides a single platform for all your virtual collaboration needs. Share presentations and host online meetings without downloading any client software. Reduce travel time and costs by freeing your staff and clinicians to meet whenever the need arises.

Social Tags

As a message is posted, type ahead features enable users to select existing #hashtags and @mentions. Once selected, #hashtags and @mentions are linked directly to their respective keywords and user profiles. Finding relevant content and experts has never been simpler.

Web Meeting Features

Web Presentations:

Virtual White Board:

  • Allow users to contribute and collaborate during events and save the resulting content for future reference

Event Management & Calendar:

  • Schedule and search for events with integrated calendar and list views
  • Receive alerts for upcoming meetings and sync events to personal calendars

Audio Conference Bridging:

  • Enjoy fully integrated conference call capability including dial-in or high quality VOIP

Live Chat:

  • Enable users to chat privately or publicly to share ideas and ask questions to spark discussions and facilitate collaboration while in session

Video Conferencing:

  • Display videos or pictures simultaneously and easily view the attendees

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Users can be alerted instantly by team members whether they are tending to a patient or traveling for a conference. Using flexible controls, each user can track activity by keywords, authors, individual threads, network actions and profile changes. Users can choose from email, SMS, or in-system alerts, picking the communication method works best for them and is approved for use by the organization. Whether a user answers a question, shares an important document or schedules a meeting, your staff and clinicians will be notified according to their desired notification method.

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