On Ozmosis.org, physicians learn the way they learn best: from each other

Why Physicians Join Ozmosis.org

As the Trusted Physician's Network, Ozmosis.org is a shining example of how healthcare providers can leverage the power of a social platform to share clinical, practice management and other health related information in a trusted and secure environment. How does Ozmosis.org enable U.S. licensed and verified physicians to learn from each other?


  • Allows providers to exchange knowledge with colleagues they know and trust
  • Delivers relevant information to each member based on their specialty, interests, and network of peers
  • Verifies identities, only permits U.S. licensed physicians to join, and clearly displays real names and credentials
  • Provides a secure and private community for the exclusive use of its members, free from advertising and commercial solicitation

Ozmosis.org provides all the tools physicians need to build a trusted network for sharing knowledge and collaborating with colleagues across the country:

Professional Networking

Build your Network

Ozmosis makes it easy to build and grow a trusted network of your peers. You can invite  current associates, former classmates, residency mates and old friends to join. The more colleagues in your network, the more trusted information you can share and the more informed your medical decisions can be.

Trust on Ozmosis

In medicine, as in life, we tend to place our trust in information shared from credible sources. Ozmosis enables you to establish that trust by building a network of physicians you know and can rely on. Ozmosis uses real identities. When viewing or reading anything on the site, you can immediately see who the physician is who submitted it and what your relationship is to each other.

With knowledge discovery features from Ozmosis.org, physicians have all the tools they need to stay on top of the latest trends and issues in their respective fields.

Knowledge Discovery

Search & Filter

A robust Search, Filter, and Sort tool allows you to find exactly what you are looking for based on multiple criterion. An integrated PubMed search makes it easy to find and discuss articles of your choice.

Knowledge Feed

Ozmosis delivers a knowledge feed, similar to a friend feed on other social networks, that is continually updated as members post new Journal Clubs, Cases, Questions and Videos.


Receive automated alerts from Ozmosis via email. Customize your alerts to be notified when something that interests you is being discussed!

Ozmosis.org is offered at no charge and provides a secure and private community for U.S. licensed physicians

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

If you are a U.S licensed physician, you can join the community at no charge by completing our online registration. Once you begin registering, you will be guided through a verification process which will allow us to authenticate your identity as a physician. The verification process is conducted in real-time, and once you are verified as a physician you may begin using Ozmosis immediately.

Is Ozmosis Free for Physicians?

Yes. Ozmosis was created by physicians exclusively for physicians, and is offered at no cost for verified U.S. licensed physicians.

How Do You Protect My Privacy?

As stated in the Ozmosis Privacy Policy, we place the utmost importance on protecting your personal information. This means we will never sell or share your personal information without your express written permission. Our healthcare clients and business partners do not have access to the community.

Is There Advertising on Ozmosis?

No. The Ozmosis community is offered as a private and secure resource for U.S. licensed physicians and is supported by Ozmosis, Inc. Community members can interact with other verified physicians free from prying eyes and unwanted intrusions.

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