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Ozmosis Taps into Physician Need to Share Knowledge in Trusted Environment Online

Buzz in Industry Grows as Ozmosis Founders Spread the Word

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Physicians now have a “trusted environment” dedicated to the sharing and discovery of medical knowledge and the improvement of patient care with the March 2008 launch of Ozmosis (www.ozmosis.com). Since then, more and more physicians are requesting to become Ozmosis members, while the company’s founders – Jason Bhan, M.D., and Joel Selzer – have been educating the healthcare community about physician knowledge sharing and the use of social media in medicine.

“The response we’ve seen from physicians all over the country to Ozmosis has been overwhelming,” Bhan said. “Physicians are sharing ideas and insights freely. Concepts that would normally take years to disseminate across a group of doctors are spreading rapidly – improving patient care through better access to trusted information, this is the essence of Ozmosis Knowledge Discovery.”

In the few months since its launch, Ozmosis and its founders have been in demand:

    * 28th Annual AMA Medical Communications Conference – As a panelist, Dr. Bhan received rave reviews for his insights as a thought leader on physician use of social media
    * Ozmosis announced a partnership with The Doctor’s Channel to deliver an innovative approach to online medical knowledge exchange, combining The Doctor’s Channel’s original video content with physician-only discussions taking place on Ozmosis
    * Joel Selzer is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C., for his work with Ozmosis by BisNow Magazine
    * Joel Selzer served as a panelist at the State of the Washington Web on May 27 and will be a panelist at The State of the Art of New Media in Health Care event at The Newseum on June 11 in Washington, D.C.

If you are a physician and would like an invitation to join Ozmosis, visit www.ozmosis.com/join.

About Ozmosis

Ozmosis, an online Medical Knowledge Exchange, has been working with physicians to improve patient care since 2006. Ozmosis aggregates the collective wisdom and experience of its physicians and transforms individual insights into trusted knowledge for its members, providing physicians a place where they can turn daily for trusted and reliable clinical, practice management and health policy information. Offered at no cost for verified physicians, Ozmosis accelerates learning and knowledge exchange across medicine and is dedicated to improving collaboration in healthcare.

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