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Announcing the launch of Ozmosis Business Solutions

Tags: social media, healthcare, Pharma, solutions, regulation, risk readiness by Joel • May, 10 2010

It's an exciting day for all of us at Ozmosis as we officially launch a new business unit. Ozmosis Business Solutions - an outgrowth of our core business - is focused exclusively on serving the social media needs of our clients throughout the healthcare industry.  

Ozmosis Business Solutions

When we started Ozmosis three years ago, Facebook had fewer than 20 million active users and Twitter was relatively unknown until the SXSW conference that March. Today, they have close to 600 million active users between them and their users spend an astonishing 500 billion minutes on Facebook per month and share more than 50 million tweets a day.  

Healthcare organizations have been actively utilizing social media. More than 650 hospitals have an active presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Scanning the Dose of Digital Wiki shows how forward thinking major pharmaceutical firms are with their own social media programs. However, most of their efforts to date have been patient centric. Whether organizations are trying to educate their respective audiences or provide better customer service, they can also engage the more than 60% of physicians who consume user-generated content created by and for healthcare professionals.
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