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Social Innovation at HIMSS

Tags: social media, Facebook, Meaningful Use, enterprise collaboration, hospital, HIMSS, ACO, Health Information Exchange by Joel • February, 25 2011

Another HIMSS conference is in the books.  Last week over 31,000 Health IT professionals and nearly 1,000 vendors descended on Orlando to discuss the latest industry trends.  Once you got past all the pageantry and hoopla, there were meaningful discussion, debate, and education around the intersection of technology and healthcare.  In particular, mobile health, health data exchange and the role of accountable care organizations seemed to dominate the conversation. 

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Exploring the Controversy Around Healthcare Reform

Tags: Healthcare Reform, Health IT, H-IT, Meaningful Use by Joel • November, 12 2009

The controversy around Healthcare reform continues to grow, especially with the recent House passage of HR 3962.  This 1900 page bill (summarized nicely in this 61 page downloadable pdf file), begins to address a number of the problems and inefficiencies in our healthcare system but there is much still left to figure out.  In tandum with the funds appropriated for accelerating Health IT adoption under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed last year, we may actually be moving towards transforming healthcare.  

To further explore what healthcare reform really means for all of us, the Mayo Clinic, AARP, Pfizer and others, are sponsoring "The Minnesota Healthcare Roundtable" on November 20th.  The assembled panelists will tackle topics such as Medicare, private health plans, business ethics, codes of conduct, and transparency.  With representation on the panel from some of the leading healthcare institutions in Minnesota, expect some great discussions.

Physicians on Ozmosis have been holding their own conversations about the recent healthcare bill, insurance reform, and the impact of both on physician practices.  As the social media sponsor, Ozmosis members will have the opportunity to participate virtually in the Healthcare Roundtable.  Questions posed on Ozmosis will be answered, in real-time, by the panelists in Minnesota.  Some of the questions already being asked on Ozmosis are around Healthcare IT and connectivity, overcoming physician shortages, and issues around meaningful use.  

We look forward to an exciting event, and you can follow the discussion on November 20th live via Twitter, just look for the #MNMDreform hashtag.  

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