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Social Media Meets Healthcare: Health 2.0, 2010

by Jason • October, 07 2009 Tags: Health 2.0, H1N1, Health Alerts

Social media meets healthcare next week at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  Health2.0 is one of the more innovative and exciting conferences that I have been to, and I look forward to it each fall.  This year the event is being kicked off by Aneesh Chopra, CTO of the United States and former Secretary of Technology Virginia.

Given the upcoming Influenza season and concerns around H1N1, I have been asked to demo the Ozmosis Real-Time Health Alerts solution at the Health 2.0 in the Doctors Office session on Tuesday, October 6th at noon.  Joining me on stage to demo their solutions as well will be David Best, MD, showing The Doctor’s Channel, Ryan Howard, with Practice Fusion, Chaim Indig, showing Phreesia, and Mark Walinske, with Boundary Medical. 

The session on Consumer Aggregators looks pretty cool (of course) who doesn't want to see what Google, WebMD, and Microsoft are up to these days?  I also plan to check out Wellness 2.0, as I have a particular interest in following companies like Alere and UsableHealth who are empowering people to take care of themselves. 

If you're heading to San Fran early for Health2.0, then you definitely need to join us at HealthCampSFBay on Monday, October 5th. This is the ultimate "unconference" for anyone interested in healthcare, and I love the HealthCamps for their purity.  This is where the innovators and thinkers get together and solve the worlds problems without the constraints of schedules and traditional conference sessions.  I have been to a few on the east coast and look forward to my first out west.

If you are going to be at Health 2.0 or HealthCampSFBay and want to get together, feel free to shoot me an email, contact me on twitter, or through the Health 2.0 Network

If you can't make the demo, and you are a physician, please join Ozmosis and check out the Health Alerts features.  I am always looking for more feedback to help improve the information it is delivering to those of us in the trenches. 

See you soon!

Jason Bhan, MD
Co-Founder, Ozmosis

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