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Social intranets are on the rise

by Joel • March, 05 2012 Tags: social software, enterprise collaboration, Social Intranet

Recent studies, including an employee satisfaction report from APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald, point to several benefits that arise from social intranets as enterprises deploy new social communication solutions.  Enterprise social networks, when configured and used properly, are becoming the main knowledge repositories and communication hubs in the enterprise. They are replacing corporate intranets as the most comprehensive and reliable places to find information about the company, its processes and procedures, and the people who work there. 

According to the study from APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald, companies using internal social tools enjoy higher levels of engagement at work.  These organizations also report: 

  • 61% of employees said their company's social media tools make it easy to collaborate with colleagues across great distances 
  • 58% would rather work at a company that utilizes internal social tools

By using social intranets workers can create, share and update information faster and more effectively.  The INFOGRAPHIC above shows how companies are using social tools.

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