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Doctors Encourage Use of Mobile Health Apps

by Joel • March, 15 2012 Tags: mobile, Health Apps, disease management

The mobile health industry is growing like gangbusters.  More than 80% of physicians use smartphones and medical apps such as ePocrates, EyeChart, and Medscape.  These are just three of the most popular apps.  Did you know there are more than 10,000 medical and healthcare apps available for download in the iTunes Store?  According to the INFOGRAPHIC embedded below, this makes health apps the third-fastest growing app category among iPhone and Android users.  Its no wonder more and more physicians believe the right mobile health apps can help patient care.

According to data revealed by Float Mobile Learning in their kickass INFOGRAPHIC, 40% of doctors believe that using health apps can reduce the number of office visits needed by patients, 56% of physicians who use medical apps say it expedites their decision and about 88% of doctors support patients monitoring their health at home, especially for watching weight, blood sugar and vital signs.   Wow!

In a perilous age of staggering healthcare costs, physician shortages and rapid growth of chronic diseases such as diabetes, the increased adoption and effective use of health apps should be celebrated.  However, as positive as the growing support for mobile health is, we still have a long journey ahead of us.  We need to continue to push the innovation curve and drive health app adoption and proper use.

Mobile Health Infographic

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